I hope all my readers have a good Halloween.
I  also hope that readers have got themselves into the right mood for general spookiness and ghostly terrors by some suitable reading.
In previous years, I have cursed myself (very appropriate) for not having a short story ready for Halloween myself…It’s
…And this year I have one ready. I have in fact been writing a collection of ghost stories, but this is a taster for my novel ‘That Scoundrel Émile Dubois’ and relates an episode from the point of views  of the heartless siren Ceridwen Kenrick, and the serving man Arthur.

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 I think it is a fine cover – even if wigs and hair powder were going out of fashion in 1794, due to the tax that came in with the war with France.  I can imagine Ceridwen Kenrick looking at one of her intended lovers/victims just like that…