Lucinda Elliot

Georgian Romance Revolt

Elaine Long is trapped in the body of the heroine in a warped cyber version of an historical romance.
Something is wrong, with the characters talking and acting outside the script.
Her coachman is exactly like one of the author’s Golden and Reckless hero types.
Worse, the disgraced earl turned highwayman anti-hero - by contrast one of the author's Dark, Mean and Moody hero types - steals the heroine’s betrothal ring. This just happens to be Elaine’s escape device.

Elaine had been eager to escape from everyday life. She was tired of being taken for granted by her part-time boyfriend, and dreamed of entering the romantic world of her favourite author. Now she isn’t even confident that this version can guarantee a happy ending.At least she has three hero types, all vying for her favours...What has caused this? Could it be Charlotte Cray, the 'Grande Dame of Georgian Romance' herself?

For readers who enjoy a spoof of the tropes of historical romance and those who enjoy adventures in alternative dimensions, 'Georgian Romance Revolt' is another darkly comic piece by Lucinda Elliot, four times winner of the BRAG medallion for outstanding self-published fiction.