Lucinda Elliot

That Scoundrel Émile Dubois

When the disgraced earl turned highwayman Reynaud Ravensdale becomes fascinated by the hoydenish Isabella Murray, she agrees to elope with him, on the condition that he helps her to become a highwaywoman.
Isabella's parents want to marry her off to Ravensdale's cousin, the next in line to the title, while she suspects that he knows more about the killing which led to Reynaud Ravensdale's disgrace than he cares to admit.

Isabella plans to carry out a few Robin Hood type raids with Reynaud, and then to escape abroad. That is, if it proves hopeless to clear his name of the old murder charge first. Meanwhile, the forces of law and order are closing in...
This hilarious spoof uses vivid characters and lively comedy to bring new life to a theme traditionally favoured by historical novelists – that of the wild young Earl, who, falsely accused of murder by the machinations of a conniving cousin and prejudged by his reputation, takes up life as an outlaw.

‘Ravensdale’ is written as a prequel to the author's first novel, ‘That Scoundrel Émile Dubois'. It follows the adventures of Émile Dubois' cousin, prior to the outbreak of the French Revolutionary Wars, and can be read as an independent novel.

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