Lucinda Elliot

That Scoundrel Émile Dubois
Or the Light of Other Days

Can Sophie de Courcy’s maid’s ridiculous tarot predictions for her in 1794 be coming true?
Agnes foresees a villainous admirer from abroad for each of them, and a battle with dark forces.
It's true that Sophie dreams of adventure and romance. Still, living as she is as a dowager’s companion in an isolated mansion in North Wales, this prediction seems even more absurd.
But now, Sophie’s long term hero – the incorrigible rogue French émigré Émile Dubois, has come on a visit with his strutting confidential servant.
Surely, there can’t be any truth in the stories that Émile and the London highwayman Monsieur Gilles are the same person, and his servant his companion in crime?
Why does Émile insist that he met Sophie in Revolutionary Paris – where she has never been – and why is he so angry with her for denying it?
Meanwhile, their sinister neighbours, the long-toothed Kenrick and his siren like wife, are up on a visit from Town themselves. Kenrick is full of wild talk about the legends of Romania, and of travel through time.
Émile laughs at his ideas. Still, can he resist Mistress Kenrick’s voluptuous charms?
Can Sophie prevent them all from being drawn into a Kenrick’s dark experiments?
Former Amazon best seller and winner of the BRAG award for outstandng self-published fiction, this good humoured spoof of the gothic genre should delight those who enjoy dark humour and gothic escapism.

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