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Free on Amazon ‘That Scoundrel Émile Dubois Or The Light of Other Days’


From Friday 24 May until Monday 27 May I’m doing a giveaway of my Gothic ebook and here’s the link:

I hope that link treats me more kindly than links generally do…

I’m also – whew – finished the first draft of ‘Aleks Sager’s Daemon’ and hope to have it out this summer whether we have a summer or not (famous last words).

Now it’s time for ‘all those hundred visions and revisions’ and wondering about such recondite topics as ‘What cut of coat was all the thing in 1830’s Russia?…’

Eager to get on with my third, a fun novella I shouldn’t really be doing, as I did tell myself I’d write that jolly dystopia next and then perhaps a sequel to the Scoundrel…

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  1. Throughout that movie, they’re traveling from place to place, but is that really safe. Who’s gonna keep ’em down. Crocs are also not a good option for a zombie apocalypse.

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    1. I think some misunderstanding here, Rick, but I couldn’t resist publishing this! In my novel, thank goodness, even the sadisic Kenrick’s didn’t use chainsaws on their victims…

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