Lucinda Elliot

Georgian Romance Revolt by Lucinda Elliot Out on 17 September

Following on from my last post about servant lead characters, my own dark comedy ‘Georgian Romance Revolt’ is out on 17 September and is available for pre-order here .

Without wanting to write a spoiler, one of the lead characters is incongruous in his role as a servant…

The story follows the adventures Elaine Young, a young woman living in near the future, who goes on a ‘Cyber Escape Break’ into the early Georgian world of her favourite novel by the renowned historical romance writer Charlotte Cray, only to find it alarmingly warped.

For a start, her coachman Johnnie – certainly a minor character in the original novel – is exactly like one of Charlotte Cray’s ‘Golden and Reckless’ hero types.

Then, the anti-hero -the disgraced earl turned highwayman known as Erl Lawless, and wholly a Dark, Mean and Moody Type of male lead – steals Elaie’s escape device in the form of her engagement ring, trapping her in this cyber world adventure.

…Or is this a cyber world?

Erl Lawless keeps on talking about a ‘scribbling dame’ who has somehow gained control of his actions. Meanwhile, the characters begin commenting upon their own roles in the most alarming way.

Tired of being taken for granted by a part time boyfriend, Elaine only wanted to enjoy a trip to Charlotte Cray’s version of early Georgian England. Now, trapped in this unpredictable world, she is desperate to escape back to mundane reality…

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