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OOh, an Award. That’s exciting…

I’m breaking off to accept the Silver Quill  Award from Thomas Cotterill, with many thanks. His blog appears to be very accomplished, and it was nice of him to nominate me.

My answers to the seven questions: –

1.  Do you prefer rhyming or non rhyming poetry?

Rhyming, without a doubt.

2.  Favourite Shakespeare play?

‘All’s Well That End’s Well’. I would seem to be in a tiny minority   here.  I’ve read it three times, having first discovered it in 2010, I love it and I really enjoyed the BBC version, which I own. I’m looking forward to the Goodreads discussion on it next month(I think).  Geekish, or what? I’ve got my carrot juice ready…

3.  Favourite author?

At the present, June Rachuy Brindle for her wonderful books on the Theseus legend, ‘Ariadne’ and ‘Phaedra’.

4.  Name three people you admire.

Margaret O’Hara for setting up the PregnancySicknessSOS  website, Van Gogh and Handel, who didn’t do that, but who were marvellous at what they did…

5. What is your favourite music album?

Andreas Scholl ‘Ombra Mai Fu’.

6.  Which colour do you most dislike?


7.  Name a poem or song which makes you feel emotional.

‘The Light of Other Days’ by Thomas Moore. Very haunting.

According to the rules, I must nominate five other bloggers.

These are : –

1. Ellis Nelson 

2.  Bluebirdsunshine, on

3.  The intrepid RA Lochlann on

She’s a brilliant writer, and I am currently being astounded by her book ‘The Year God’s Daughter’

a wonderful take on the legends surrounding Ancient Crete.

4.  Tersiaburger 

(I have been unable to contact this blogger, but I would like that nomination to stand because I want to  make some sort of small acknowledgement – however ineffectual it may be –  of her astounding courage in writing about a topic most of us find unbearable to contemplate – the terminal illness of a daughter).

5.  My wonderful friend Jo Danilo on  

Another excelent writer to watch out for!

To Accept the Award Nominees Must Follow These Simple Rules

1. Copy the award logo and paste it onto your post.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

3. Answer the seven questions about yourself.

4. Nominate five more people.

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