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Ooh, Thanks, An Award, Must Nominate some Great Writers…

Thank you to Thomas Cotterill for awarding me this.

Thomas Cotterill who’s blog is always fascinating, and which is guaranteed to exercise your mind

having kindly awarded me this, I can pass on the favour.

Well, first has to be my writing partner, Jo Danilo. She made me do a fair number of rewrites – particularly about those fight scenes – and she was so right! I can never thank her enough.
She has written some exceptional paranormal YA, including ‘The Curtain Twitchers’ and ‘11.32’ .

She is exceptional in having been able to write such excellent books, for she works full time and has a young family too and has even trained to rescue whales and conservation issues besides. Her blog is:-

Then, there is Rebecca Lochlann, whose brilliant series ‘Child of the Erinyes’ has not long been out.  I said from when I first started on ‘The Year God’s Daughter’ that these were potential classics.

Then, there is Anne Carlisle. I had to nominate her for her heroine alone, although the rest of the book ‘The Fire Night Ball’ just happens to be a great, exciting read.

How many main female characters in current novels are the ones who make the jokes?  But Marlena Mae Bellum is not only a siren with waist length red hair and an hour glass figure, a sharp business woman and a witch by virtue of her hereditary, she’s also a wonderful wit.

Also, Lauryn April.  Her book ‘Into the Deep’ written for YA but a delightful read for any age, shows much insight in the linking of the psychic and the psychological, and combining the paranormal with an everyday school setting. I loved those characters, Lauryn!

Very likely these writers have got the award already, but just in case.

Keep on writing that wonderful stuff…

Finally, I would like to nominate Tersia for a blog harrowing and courageous, which faces issues we will all have to face at some point in our lives.

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  1. You are wonderful and I love you xxx
    Thanks, once again, for nominating me! If I had more time to network and make more writer friends I could pass on some nominations of my own, but there you go…!
    Well done on a brilliant blog, Lucinda, and a fantastic book too 🙂

    1. Love you too, Jo! xxx.

      You deserve to become a multi millionaire so that you only need work outside the home in writing from your yacht anchored off the coast of Southern France, and starting a publishing company, of which I would be a client…

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