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That Scoundrel Emile Dubois and Aleks Sager’s Daemon Going Free 26 October

I’m making these books available free this weekend.
Let’s hope these come out properly after instruction by Thomas Cotterill some months back…

This, for those new to this blog, is an over-the-top Gothic adventure with a satirical touch and ‘a strong romantic theme’.
There’s an Ann Radcliff Situation, Swaggering Eighteenth Century highwaymen, Sweet but Steely Maidens (well, Agnes, Sophie’s maid, is more of a matron than would be deemed proper in those times) Flitting Bats by Darkening Windows, the Muted Flash as the Man Vampires Materialise and the strange pictures on the ceiling that hail the appearance of the Time Warp.

Free on 26 -27 October.

Aleks Sager’s Daemon is a horror story, and I do hope it makes readers’ hair stand up on the back of the neck. Ivan Ostrowski,
landowner and embittered young rake from early nineteenth-century Russia, is given access through a sinister, disembodied Magus to nineteen-nineties London, where he is out for revenge on writer Aleks Sager, whom he believes has made his love life a misery for years. He’s got his duelling pistols at the ready and he isn’t a reasonable character.

Plus, he wants to win the love of Natalie Nicholson, the girl with whom Aleks Sager is obsessed. Trying to escape Ivan’s pursuit,Natalie calls on New Age occultists, but one of them, a great fan of Regency Romances, finds it hard to resist Ivan’s swaggering appeal.

Free on 25 and 26 of October.

At present, I’m hard at work on the spoof historical romance ‘Ravensdale’ which is to some extent a prequel of ‘That Scoundrel Emile Dubois’ and features a distant cousin of Emile’s, Reynaud Ravensdale, whose circumstances also force him to take up a career as a Gentleman of the Road.

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