Lucinda Elliot

‘You’re That Scoundrel Emile Dubois!’

A lonely spot...Ideal for highway robbery.
Toll gates and patrols were making a highwayman’s life more difficult by the 1790’s. Monsieur Gilles and Southern Georges might have the wiliness to avoid capture for some time, but the odds were against them escaping the highwayman’s end at Tyburn for long.

“You’re That Scoundrel Emile Dubois! I know you by your eyes!” Lord Dale is so full of moral outrage as the masked men relieve him of his valuables that he forgets his terror.

This, and the general difficulty of evading patrols and toll gates makes Monsieur Gilles and Southern Georges decide to retire from life as Gentleman of the Road, and to leave London.

Later, Lord Dale repeats this in his clubs.  Lord Ynyr, Emile’s cousin and Sophie’ s benefactor, hears him say, ‘That ruffian Emile Dubois and that valet of his are highwaymen, sure as fire…’

Fortunately, another member of the club smooths matters over; Lord Dale has had enough of facing cold steel.

This, and the general problems with patrols and tollgates decide Emile and Georges to leave London and its environs and to take a trip up north to Wales, where they finally arrive on Christmas Eve.

Sophie’s maid Agnes’ Tarot has long predicted the arrival of two young men from abroad…

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