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Loyal Reader Award…


My kind friend, Tersia Berger, who doesn’t forget to think of others in her own troubles, which is unusual, nominated me for this award.

I wasn’t able to copy over the last, but I am very happy to accept this. Thank you, Tersia, I am honoured.

The rules are simple. Answer a rhetorical question of the author’s choosing and nominate people you consider deserve the award.

Tersia’s question was: ‘If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive?’

My answer, ‘I would be very surprised if I did survive, but if I did, I expect I would go off my head soon enough (some would say that I already have).

If i was marooned with a group of other women, think Lord of the Flies as to what would happen to me. I had a discussion with a friend once about this, and she said I would be a female Simon, but I think she flattered me. Maybe I would be Piggy (I can just see that happening to me, though I’m athletic; I’d probably fail to keep my silly mouth shut and sound off abut needing to keep the fire going as a signal and end up being thrown over a cliff and swept out to sea). I thought she would be a female Ralph. We named the female Jack and Roger and others we knew, but they shall remain nameless…

My rhetorical question has been inspired by Mari Biella’s latest post on"
which is, by the way, a wonderfully stimulating blog, but I won't give this award to Mari, though it is deserved, as she avoids accepting awards.
My rhetorical question is:- Would you rather be world famous after your death for writing something worthwhile, or rich in this for writing something you knew to be of no literary merit at all?
I'd go with the first, with a regretful look over my shoulder at the second…
Loyal readers I know.

First, Thomas Cotteril (May this link come out) a good friend and the writer of a fascinating blog on :-

Then, my wonderful writing partner, Jo Danilo, who’s writing I love- and who doesn’t need to feel in any hurry to accept this award form Emile and Co but who writes an intriguing blog on :

Then, the talented writer and also a friend Lauryn April on:

Then, another friend and great writer, Rebecca Lochlann, who I am sure has written some classics in her ‘Child of the Erinyes’ series:

And a very helpful reader Francis Franklin on:
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There are many others who deserve the award, but am running out of steam in this heat…Thank goodness I am not on that desert island, with the female Jack and co setting fire to it…

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  1. Helllo, Lauryn – I am so glad you love it – for sure it is fun, but I am a bit dubious about that Emile- not excactly wicked looking enough, looks quite controllable…

  2. Many thanks for the nomination, Lucinda. We’re having a heat wave here in SW British Columbia as well, yet both my mother and I have the raging flu! (Sweaty pause while I cough my guts out…) I agree with you about the new cover; very attractive and romantic, but Emile does not look sufficiently the sharp-eyed dashing scoundrel. Cover art is so often frustrating for the indie writer.

  3. I’m delighted to have inspired your rhetorical question, Lucinda, and like you I would certainly choose the first option! It is true that I avoid accepting awards these days, namely as I long ago ran out of people to pass them on to, and am in any case too lazy to do so… an award for ‘responsible blogging’ could never, by any stretch of the imagination, be mine!

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