Lucinda Elliot

That Dreadful Chewing My Hand , Surely I have Never Heard Such Discussed…

Oh, dear, it was so disgusting when Kenrick seized my hand so, and saliva gushed from between those unfortunately long teeth; he breathed heavily, and innocent although I know myself to be, I suspect he was aroused, for he breathed heavily, and a strange light glowed in those glassy eyes such as must have glowed in the eyes of Lovelace.

I tried to wrench away my hand, but his fingers are very strong, and it was hopeless. He let out what I can only describe as a coy giggle, seemingly delighted rather than dismayed as I shrunk back.

I wanted to be kindly disposed towards the man, for I have heard that he was devastated as the accidental death of his first wife (my maid Agnes must have heard something below stairs of which she disapproves;  for she clicks her tongue of his bereavement).

What would have happened, I don’t know, for at that moement one of the army of footman flung open the door to admit the dinner guests…

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